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I think that England was very good because London, Canterbury and Hastings were very interesting and the people were very friendly. I spoke a lot of English in the family (…)” (Bennet)

It was a very nice trip because the weather was nice and the group was funny.  We played football against British people.” (Jonathan)

In my opinion London is the greatest city in England because it is so big and there are a lot of sights and famous buildings. Hastings was nice, too. The people were very nice and I understood them well. So I think, when I’m older, I would like to go to London again – with more time.” (Serkan)

My host family was very friendly and I understood the people in England well. I would go back to Hastings because I love the beach.” (Lenny)

The family of Paula, Pauline and me was really nice and we spoke a lot with them. We were lucky. I think the best thing was our freetime because we spoke a lot with British teenagers.” (Melanie)

The house where we lived was very old but the family was very friendly. To understand the English people wasn’t as difficult as I thought because they spoke slowly and clearly.” (Annika)

I liked London best. We visited Big Ben, the London Eye, Picadilly Circus, the Hardrock Café and Buckingham Palace and took many photos. In Canterbury we went into the Cathedral. It was very interesting and new for me. It is tall and old, but very beautiful. In the afternoon we went to the inner city of Canterbury and bought a lot of things, for example: clothes, gifts, English orange jam and Fudge.” (Kira)

The best of the trip was the beach in Hastings because it was near my host family and there was a football pitch and a beach volleyball court.” (Saad)

For me the best day England was Wednesday. We went to Canterbury and did an audio-tour inside the cathedral – it was very interesting. After that we could go into the city and have lunch, go shopping…” (Neele)

We had a lot of sunshine. Because of the good weather I liked the trips to London best because we went shopping and visited the sights without much rain or wind.” (Merve)

I think the best was the first trip to London on Tuesday because we made a city tour by bus and went shopping on Oxford Street.” (Pia)

We understood the people well. I was so surprised that they understood my English. Sometimes it was tricky but I leaned so much on my trip to England.” (Marina)

Would you like to go next year?                                                                                              zurück